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Machine button-hole makers receive 20 cents per hundred.

In conclusion, so far as this part on moral condition is concerned, we can most freely and positively assert that the working girls of Boston are making an heroic, an honest, and a virtuous struggle to earn an honorable livelihood, and that it is rare that one of them can be found following a life other than one of integrity. The moral condition of the working girls cannot be stated with that statistical accuracy which belongs to the other conditions we have discussed, and yet in certain directions we have the most positive brookoine and of such a character that it possesses all the esdorts of a statistical statement.

Brookline escorts female

At one place, little girls are hired at 6 and 7 cents an hour, the highest price paid being 12 cents an hour. The testimony of capable and honest women, of the he of departments in dry goods stores, millinery establishments, of forewomen in shops, matrons of homes, and of all those best informed and in the best position to give testimony on this point, is that the working girls are as respectable, as moral, and as virtuous as any class of women in our community; that they are making as heroic a struggle for existence as any class is a fact which all the statistics prove.

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We only wish it were possible to investigate and expose the conduct of men who help women into fallen lives, and then see these men meet the punishment which justly belongs to them. Brooklinf girl says her employer is good natured according to his mood; if he does not like the way the work is done, he is apt to take it rudely from her hands and tell her to leave; on the other hand, he might fwmale good natured enough to pay her in advance if he thought she needed money.

In many places, it appears to be the custom to engage help at small rates of pay, and gradually increase wages until the maximum is reached.

Brookline escorts female

Another girl says she has to baste, stitch, and face with crinoline, and finish seven seams, for 25 cents. A coat maker says she gets 75 cents for making a frock coat, and 60 cents for a sack coat. All the officers with whom our agents conversed on the subject gave similar testimony.

Brookline escorts female

Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. There are others however who have no home but the boarding house, and no friends to depend upon for aid, sympathy, or moral encouragement, and it is among this class of shop girls chiefly, that the escorgs and assistance of the benevolent and charitably inclined people of our city should be directed.

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In some places, during working hours, no one is allowed to call upon the girls employed; even on the occasion of the death of a friend who was killed, the girl was notified after much trouble, and then only through a speaking tube. Such questions led to the idea that they take up prostitution, but the fact that the girl works hard all day for three or four dollars a week is sufficient proof that she is not living in prostitution; girls cannot work hard all day and be prostitutes too. These women are leading lives of shame it is true, many of them leading lives of sorrow, also.

This is considered a great hardship to the lone working girl who is entirely dependent upon her own resources.

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In stores, one girl says they are obliged to pay one half of the selling price for broken crockery or ware; one other girl who accidentally broke a show-case, left because the price was to be taken from her pay; she was working at the time on 3 per cent brookline escorts female sales with no other payand one stormy day she made 5 cents. Under social condition, we dealt very fully with the condition of the girls in their homes.

The wages in this occupation are reported as falling off. All such statements originate in the idea that girls cannot dress well with the small wages they receive, unless they lead immoral lives in which they receive pecuniary assistance. The only remark we can make in this matter, after having given, as we have, positive testimony that such charges are absolutely untrue, is, that if gentlemen have had such experiences on our streets it does not speak well for them and indicates to our mind that the first offence was on their part and that they were again mistaken in supposing the girls they were approaching were working girls.

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The idea that well dressed girls receiving low wages must escorta disreputable lives is a very common one, but, as has been shown femwle economic condition and other chapters of this Report, a large of these girls live in comfortable homes with parents in comparatively easy circumstances and well able and willing to support their children, who pay little or no board and spend their earnings as they please, chiefly for dress. Certainly, there was little or no evidence to the contrary, nor has there been anything adduced in support of the rumors to which we have referred.

It is said that many of the girls get discouraged, as they hardly earn enough to pay running expenses, and are obliged to practise the most brookline escorts female economy. Circulars are now made for 6 cents femzle, for which girls were formerly paid 15 cents, since cut to 10, 8, and 6 cents successively. A book-sewer reports a percentage of 10 cents on every dollar made as being now given to sewers, to equal pay of folders. escirts

Brookline escorts female

If, in our future investigations, we find this is not true, we assure the guilty ones that their infamous business shall be exposed. One table girl in restaurant says she is required to pay for all crockery broken. Other well dressed girls, who live at home, turn their earnings into the common family fund and their clothes are provided for by their parents and these are generally made during the evening by themselves, and by skill and ingenuity a good appearance is made at little cost.

Cultivating leadership and healthier lives through collective impact

The population of the city of Boston, according to the Tenth United States Census, inwas ,; of thiswere males andwere females. Overall makers receive 5 cents a pair when made at home, and 50 cents per dozen when made in the shop.

This evidence in itself is very emphatic in establishing the moral surroundings at least of the girls involved. It is important to know just the course so far as given through which these women have passed before entering their present life. Of these22 declined to give any cause, 17 entered their present life on of ill-treatment at home, 59 from choice, most of them on of love of easy life and love of dress, 26 testify that they were driven into the life by poor pay and hard work, while 46 were led into the life through seduction.

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For thick flannel shirts, except button-holes, 75 cents per dozen is paid; it takes two days to make a dozen. As a result, investigations about working women often focused obsessively on the question of morality. Some of them have spoken very frankly about ill treatment by their employers; some brooklinr these say that the employers or the men placed in charge are in the habit of speaking brrookline roughly to employees and oftentimes while they do not swear at the girls, they use violent and sometimes bad language before them; others are said to curse and swear at the girls and treat them very shabbily.

The working girls of boston

A button-hole maker on ladies' dresses gets 3 cents apiece; a good price, it is said, and good wages can be made. In addition to this we found that in nearly all the cases where a girl was called upon in the evening and found to be out, her parents or the friends with whom she was living, knew of her whereabouts, and would oftentimes send for her to come home and give the information sought by the agents.

We do not hesitate to assert esckrts the working girls of Boston are, as a rule, living in a moral atmosphere so far as their homes are concerned, and that they are not corrupted by their employers, and that employers do not seek to corrupt them.

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